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There are hundreds of different products that can be found on line and you need to consider that much of this information can be false or misleading. When considering any product that allows the person in a wheelchair to safely travel from point A to point B, there are dozens of variables that we take into consideration before recommending a product. Our first question would be what is the client’s physical limitations? Can this client stand or walk for any amount of time? Is our client a quadriplegic or paraplegic? Does the client have a spouse or caregiver? Our goal at The Mobility Store is to offer the most affordable long term solution.

There are several different types of converted wheelchair accessible vehicles on the market and our specialty is recommending the proper conversion. The Mobility Store offers only A rated conversions that meet or exceed all applicable FMVSS/CMVSS crash testing requirements and are Altoona tested for 4 years/100,000 miles for proven dependability.

You may read about the different types of conversions such as side entry vans, power ramp vans, power kneel, in floor ramps, fold out ramps, full cut conversion, rear entry vans, manual ramp vans and much more… One thing that many client’s start out believing is that a wheelchair accessible van is just a regular minivan with a power ramp installed. The average height of a client in their manual or power chair is approximately 54 inches from top of their head to the bottom. Most shoppers are shocked to know that the minivans undercarriage is completely cut off and the vans are lowered 11-15 inches and the undercarriage is reinstalled or replaced in the case of the Amerivan by Eldorado with stainless-steel floor, including rocker panels and rear subfloor that is more rigid than aluminum or galvanized steel. Gas tanks are relocated and another fuel tank is fabricated, the rear heat and air are rerouted, all of the power side door openings are integrated to work with the conversion remote system, emergency power outlets are added, a power kneel system is added and many other details that it takes to fabricate a safe wheelchair accessible van. So this is why we say BUYER BE AWARE.

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