Mobility Scooter and Power Wheelchair Lifts for Cars, Trucks and Vans

Exterior or interior scooter and power chair lifts are a great solution for our clients that have an able bodied spouse or caregiver and or can walk 10-15 feet, stand unassisted for at least 10 minutes and have the ability to lift at least 5-8 pounds. Most exterior platform and interior mobility lifts are not designed for clients that are power wheelchair, scooter or manual wheelchair bound unless they have assistance transferring in to the passenger or driver seat and loading and unloading the mobility scooter or power chair.


Many variables must be considered before selecting the proper exterior or interior power wheelchair or mobility scooter lift. Many vehicles are designed with “false flooring” which means there is not enough thickness in the rear trunk area to install the base of an interior boom style mobility lift. Also many vehicles do not have enough height or width at the entry point in the rear of the vehicle where the arm of the mobility lift extends to lift the mobility scooter or lift. We ask that you call or email us so we can properly assess your vehicle and recommend the best mobility lift for your situation.


Exterior platform power mobility lifts can be an excellent alternative to the interior boom style mobility vehicle lifts. In considering an exterior platform lift you will need to have a class III or class II hitch installed on your vehicle. Again we ask that you call Mobility Express in Lakeland so we can tell you if your mobility scooter and vehicle is compatible with an exterior platform lift. Some vehicles can’t handle the weight of the mobility device because the vehicles frame is not rated to hold much weight on the rear. Some exclusions would be vehicles built with a unibody versus a frame such as the Toyota Camry that uses a unibody construction. Vehicles built on frames resists twisting better than a unibody vehicle, so it’s generally preferred for towing or carrying heavy loads. In many cases we can fit lower load vehicles with a micro mobility scooter and a micro exterior platform lift.

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